Baking day...

I'm doing a little recipe testing today... a version of beef stew that subs out the beef for chicken. It's a slow cooker recipe that I'm doing in the oven.  It smells divine and fingers crossed that it tastes as good as those aromas.  Photos may be forthcoming.

While the stew is cooking away, I decided to make some cookies.  The Husband's all-time favorite ever cookie is a simple oatmeal cookie with absolutely no add-ins.  I have to admit, it really is a wondrous little cookie.

So I baked him up a bunch but saved back a little of the dough, added chocolate chips and made a few for myself.  I did notice, however, that they're a bit misshapen and it may be time to invest in a cookie scoop.  Fortunately shape has no bearing on flavor and these taste just about perfect.