Sunday Pizza

It's not like we're in a rut here or anything, but if Saturday morning is Dutch Baby, then Sunday night is pizza.  And if that's a rut, may I please stay in it forever.  So yeah, it's Sunday which makes me want to make pizza and so that's just what I did.  Three of them.  I made 3 pizzas for the two of us.  😁  This one is an Italian sausage and olive, then I made the required pepperoni and for the other one I used some leftover spinach artichoke dip and spread that over the crust, and then topped it with slices of fresh mozzarella and sprinkled on lots of ground white pepper.  There's no way to pick a favorite among them; we just can't wait to heat up the leftovers.

I think I mentioned this last time I talked about pizza, but I replaced my pizza stone in the oven with a pizza steel and dude, it is the best thing to happen to my pizza since we built the pizza oven.  Unfortunately, the weather doesn't always allow me to fire that up, so I have to rely on my oven through most of the winter.  I've got my pizza steel in the Aga and use the convection setting as high as it can go and it really does approximate the crisp crust I get in the pizza oven.  Yay!!