Mushroom Turkey Burger with Black Truffle French Fries

OK, all you burger attention.  This is a turkey burger.  A turkey burger with mushrooms and grilled onions and Dijon mustard and Gouda cheese and it is absolutely killer.

I came across this burger recipe a few years was a Rachael Ray invention, and although the condiments here are awesomely tasty, it's the burger itself that is so very good.  Along with ground turkey, you mix in chopped mushrooms, worcestershire sauce, tomato paste and other good stuff, with the resultant burger being one of the most moist and luscious we've had.  I've found that it makes a huge difference how you cook it, though, as to whether the flavors all come together.  I use either my cast iron griddle or cast iron grill pan (outdoor grill would be even better) and get it hot enough so that it really sears the meat on both sides.  You're going for a really dark color - just this side of burnt (but don't burn it.. really not good eats). Six minutes on each side. Exactly six minutes.  I love knowing exactly how long to cook things and I promise you six minutes works every time.

Then, since this is 2 for 1 day here in the Circle B Kitchen, I'm going to also give you a recipe for the best fries ever absolutely free.

These, folks, are black truffle french fries.  My son emailed me the other day and was fairly apoplectic over these fries he'd made and saying how I had to try them cuz they were so good and I did and they were.  Have I mentioned that these fries are not fried?  They're baked!  I've made them twice now.  The first time I sprinkled the truffle salt on before they went in the oven and the second time I applied the salt as soon as they came out of the oven and that's definitely how we roll now.  The heat from the fries just instantly grabs those little black truffle bits and sets them off.  They smell and taste divine.

So there you have it folks.  An amazing burger and some of the best fries you'll ever eat.  Enjoy.

For a printable recipe for the Mushroom Turkey Burger, click here.

For a printable recipe for the Black Truffle Fries, click here.