And So It Goes...

I was so hoping that this would be a post about how we won the fight and Mom overcame untold hardships and an exhausting uphill battle to regain her health, but on Wednesday, she decided enough is enough.  Quietly, peacefully she said her good-byes and slipped away, surrounded by all of us here who loved her and will miss her greatly.  

It was a month of triumphs and setbacks, and through it all, Mom made it clear that she was willing to do the work, no matter how difficult, to restore her health and return home to her life with Dad. But it finally became clear to her that her lungs were probably not going to heal, and as things got worse, she made the choice to disconnect from the tubes and machines that were keeping her going.  Her final hours were a testament to her love and bravery, and those of us present will be forever changed by the experience. 

The family has gathered and we have celebrated her life and our own connectedness and affirmed the place she will forever hold in our hearts and lives.  It's as good an ending as anyone could possibly have written for the life she lived so well for 90 years.

Thank you each and every one who has left loving, supportive comments and sent untold numbers of caring and insightful emails.  I have tried to thank each of you individually, but if I have not, please know that your words have inspired and moved me and been a wonderful source of comfort these past few weeks.  The internet can be a such a cold, inhuman thing at times, but that's so not the case here in this little corner of that vast technological universe... you are best of the best and what makes the Circle B Kitchen one of my very favorite hangouts.  Hope to be back with you all soon.  XXOXO