In the Meantime....

Hey guys!  I've got some good news and some bad news today.  Let's get the bad news out of the way, shall we?  The bad news is that I don't have a new, delicious, highly original, mind-blowing recipe for you today.  Sucks, right?  Well, yeah.

So let's get on with the good news.  The good news is that we've been totally embroiled in a Circle B Kitchen renovation lo these past few weeks and we're almost done!  OK, I'll admit that this good news is a bit self involved.  I mean, why do you care if our kitchen renovation is about complete? Maybe the fact that we're nearing completion means I'll get back to cooking and blogging that much sooner.  That's sort of good news.

OK then, as a consolation for the fact that there really isn't really any good news, I'm going to re-post a recipe from the archives that is actually quite delicious, pretty original and very mind-blowing.  It's one of our favorites here in the Circle B Kitchen and, since it was posted several years ago, you may not have seen it and so maybe it will be like new to you and you will sort of forgive me for not posting something this week.

If you haven't made our BACON GUACAMOLE SALMON BURGER yet, then I say get thee to the market and get on this because you will indeed be very very glad you did.  Scrumptious does not begin to cover it.

We're heading into grilling season (if we aren't already there) and Memorial Day is less than two weeks away and trust me on this, you want this one on the menu.  All summer long.

OK then, I'm going back to sanding and oiling countertops and you just make yourself that burger up there and enjoy yourself.  I'll be back really soon with something new, delicious and awe-inspiring. And maybe a few photos of our new kitchen!



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