Seafood Enchiladas

(Please forgive the grainy photo. I will try and get a new one up ASAP!)

We here at the Circle B Kitchen love enchiladas.  I make them fairly often, and when everyone’s been real good, I make seafood enchiladas.  Well, someone has evidently been very very good, because I made these the other day and much happiness ensued. 

Enchiladas seem to be loved universally, and some version of the rolled stuffed crepe/tortilla/pasta shows up in just about every cuisine on the planet.  In the Circle B Kitchen, the seafood enchilada reigns supreme.  But I’m not going to lie to you, these are a tad labor intensive.   But who cares.  Really, at the end of the day, if you get to sit down and eat a luscious enchilada filled with shrimp or crab or scallops or langostinos (or all of the above) and covered with poblano cream sauce and cheese isn’t it all just so worth it?  It certainly is in my world.

There are three steps to making these (four if you make your own salsa verde), but if you’re a really organized, forward-thinking kind of person, you can make most of this ahead of time and then just do the assemblage when you're ready to bake them off.  If you just don’t have the time for some of these steps or are not so inclined, there are definitely shortcuts you can take.  But I’m hoping you’ll dive in and go the distance.

Step 1 is making the tortillas.  Homemade corn tortillas are really so simple to make.  Sure, I say that now after struggling with them for 5 years.  I was never really happy with mine until I finally figured out a few things, and now I can’t get enough of them. (see the post below for step-by-step instructions on making the tortillas). And let me tell you, you really do want homemade tortillas here.  Oh my.  The texture and flavor are far superior to store-bought.  Having said that, don’t let it be a deal breaker.  Don’t want to make tortillas?  Just buy some good ones, but they must be corn.  Really.

Step 2 involves the filling.  This time I used shrimp, crab and langostino meat.  But other times I have also added bay scallops which are lovely.  Any combination of the above or just shrimp is fine too.  I mix this with homemade tomatillo salsa, but if you have a favorite store-bought one or a good salsa verde (like Herdez), that will work too.

Step 3 is the poblano cream sauce.  This can totally be made the day before.  Oh, this is good stuff and totally makes the dish.  Sometimes poblano chiles can be pretty mild, so if you like heat, feel free to throw a jalapeno in here.  But remember, there will also be some heat inside the enchilada from the salsa verde.

That’s it.  The rest is just filling and rolling the enchiladas, pouring on the sauce, topping with cheese and baking them. 

If you know someone who’s been very good recently, you might make them some seafood enchiladas.  Or make them for someone who's been bad or make them for yourself.  No matter, everyone ends up happy after this meal.

Printable Recipe for Seafood Enchiladas